Several possible routes were walked over but we failed to get landowner agreement on our preferred choice. After further investigation we settled on the route shown in the map – a combination of existing tracks and new build sections. Yes, it does add to the length of the trail but there are additional benefits not just in terms of road safety but also more interesting views.

Following a full survey planning permission was sought and approved in 2019. For funding purposes it was decided to carry out the work in three phases as money became available. Temporary access points could be used to remove sections of the A831 as the project progressed.

The table below shows a breakdown of the planned work.

Phase OneFrom Dark Deer Croft to Cannich. Around 2km new build. Reduces road walking by 4kmPart Section AK5, including bridge.   Sections AK7, AK9  
Phase Two  From Shenval to Buntait. Around 3.4km new build. Reduces road walking by 2.5kmSections AK1, AK3.   Part Section AK5
Phase Three  Roadside section at Millness Around 300m new build. Reduces road walking by 350m.Section AK4

Funding has been acquired for Phase 1 and we are now working on a funding package for Phase 2.

At the outset we hoped for completion of Phases 1 & 2 by autumn 2021 but the coronavirus pandemic has delayed the start of Phase 1 till September 2020 therefore we anticipate summer 2022 might be more realistic.

A fulltimeline of events relating to the project can be found at and organisations that have provided funding to date at

We would like to thank a number of individuals and organisations for their support:

  • Corrimony Farm Ltd
  • Dark Deer Croft
  • Phil Thompson Ltd
  • Margaret Davidson (Leader of The Highland Council)
  • Strathglass Community Council
  • Glenurquhart Community Council
  • Drumnadrochit Chamber of Commerce
  • Visit Inverness Loch Ness