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Map 1 amended

Phase 1 of the AKW reroute is now open to the public. Temporary signage is in place. The attached map shows the change of route. The old route is in blue dots and the new section in red dots. This reduces travelling on the road by almost half of the total.

Look out for the green sign that leads into the forest road ON THE left. After 100 yards you go through the gate (some obvious tree felling has been carried out). Soon on your left down towards the burn an unsurfaced track and wooden bridge appears. This leads nowhere at present – it is part of the next phase – so DON’T GO THERE!
Carry on past a small quarry on your right, keep on this path for about 1km when you will see the green sign at the first newly built section on the right. Follow this path to the next junction where you join a forest road (sign) heading downhill to your right. At a sharp bend just before the A831 the second new section (sign) is followed parallel to the public road down to the layby at the single track road by the river.
Here turn right and shortly you resume the old road at the A831 leading to Cannich.
These directions are for travelers going east to west.

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Sponsorship deal with Cannich Stores

Local business Cannich Stores launched their Affric Trail malt whisky a few years ago. Given the link with the Affric Kintail Way the owners are now making a donation to support the AKW each time they sell a bottle of Affric Trail whisky or an item of associated merchandise. This is very welcome news in that even while construction work is underway we have to look to the future and how we pay for the ongoing maintenance of the route.




















Hopefully our visitors will support a business that is supporting the AKW!

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Work progressing on new route

Work is progressing on new sections of the reoute.  Base layers on two of the new build sections hopefully completed in next couple of weeks.  Fingers crossed for a mild winter!

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