News and Information Updates on the Affric Kintail Way

Diversion on AKW due to forestry operation.

FCS advise work has been completed and the diversion sign etc have been removed.


Tree felling work will commence within the next few weeks affecting a section of the Affric Kintail Way in Glenurquhart between Drumnadrochit and Balnain.  We don’t have a definite start date.  The work is expected to continue throughout the winter months.

There are 2 diversion routes on the map section below – RED for walkers and YELLOW for cyclists.  To quote FCS – the diversion is boggy and rough in places, around 2km longer and climbs an extra 150m from Drumnadrochit direction and 120m from Balnain direction.

It will be fully signposted.  We will be updating the News page and Facebook when we receive any relevant information.

stage-1-diversionPlease use this image in conjunction with your own OS map/AKW Guide.

Sandra Reid our local FCS Ranger can be contacted at

Please advise us should you encounter any difficulties with the temporary arrangements.

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Photo Galleries

We have added some photo galleries to the website to display images sent in by visitors to the Affric Kintail Way.

We would like to see more so if you have photos of your experiences on the AKW please let us have them.  Even if you only have one or two then we can combine them with other submissions.

All we ask is that photos are LARGE (so we can crop resize etc) and in focus.  They can be sent via email to or we can pick up via Dropbox or similar.

If you send anything to us please tell us who you are and who you travelled with and any other relevant information.

Thanks to those who have contributed so far and we hope to hear from more of you soon.

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Problem At Camban Bothy

Most times we like to bring good news to those who travel along the Affric Kintail Way but in this case we have to highlight an apparent growing problem with visitors to the Camban Bothy (Stage 4 of the AKW).

A bit of a mess is beginning to develop – the worst seen there in a good few years. It appears from the visitors book that the bothy has been well used this summer, perhaps due to the AKW becoming better known. People are beginning to leave rubbish behind at the bothy and once this starts it only seems to encourage others to do the same. The main issue is people defecating just outside the building and then leaving their mess, including toilet paper, unburied – not nice!

This may in part be due to visitors not fully appreciating and respecting the rules of using bothies.

We would ask all prospective visitors to Camban Bothy to please read and fully comply with the bothy code which can be found at – – and lets make a stay there a pleasant experience for everyone.

Camban Bothy is owned by the National Trust for Scotland and maintained by the Mountain Bothy Association.

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